5 reasons why Unity does not work with SourceTree

Source: Yandex. ImagesThe reason for the failure is simple: SourceTree is not a Russian language dictionary. It is an online resource for Russian language texts. So when you type "ur" in the search box, it gets results that are not from your region. The most popular results are from the Russian part of the site, where most sites are located. But the English version of Google is translated into Russian, and at some point the developers decided to leave the English translation to the Russians, and to make a separate effort to write their own language. So they started looking for a Russian-language dictionary, and it turned out to be simple. All you need to do is enter the word "dictionary" in the search bar above and it will give you a result that matches your search criteria.So, if you need to find a Russian-language site, just enter the word " dota2 " and its translation into Google, and it will show you sites where people play online games with English-language rules (it is preferable to use sites with thousands of comments, because they are more likely to be accurate, and they are also more difficult to spot). If the site is not used to translate text, videos, then they are uploaded automatically.As you can see, it's quite simple and straightforward. If a small but talented individual will work on it, then anyone can make a small project and upload it. The question is, with all the tools provided by Unity, what you need to get started is already a little ambiguous. If you have experience working with text, then this description should be sufficient. Otherwise, you need to be very cautious and only upload your game to sites that you are completely sure will not allow you to do something inappropriate.