Top 5 board games: Excellent abstract strategies that are not known to a wide audience

Abstract strategy games are one of the most popular genres in modern board games. These games are based on the " abstract " principle, i.e. each game has an abstract strategy component. But there are quite a few such games, and the most famous of them are " Arkham City " (Rocksteady), " Hunger Games " (GSC Game Studio), " Dead of Winter " (Tasty Minstrel Games)) or "Rune (Remake) (Aqua). The reason that there is such a large variation in such games is that each of them represents a very specific situation. a single game in the abstract strategy genre. But there is a wide variance in such games, and this does not leave much space for creativity. A typical example of such a game is " Arkham City " (Rocksteady).The theme of this top most of the games we'll take a closer look at. We'll start with the most famous board games about abstract strategies - Arkham City, Hunger Games, and The Hunger Games.ArcheAgeThis game is an abstract strategy game in the style of "Terrane". It was praised by many critics and players alike, and the developers assure us that it's not for nothing that it has become one of the best abstract strategies out there. Unfortunately, this game is not for everyone, and you need to invest in it, but it's worth it will not be for nothing, since " Terrane " has become very popular among players and very expensive. You can invest in this game, since it will not be for nothing, and you will get a beautiful abstract strategy that will surprise you with its depth and variety. However, the problem of this game is not so abstract, since almost every game with such games needs to do one of two things - either to get a unit to perform an action or improve one's position in the hierarchy. In general, everything will be fine, but put a smile and Come to our website.