Pro Game Development for PC < Mobile Devices

Modern game development requires a very specific combination of skills. These are the building blocks of any good game :) Optimization, testing, walking through the same code with different game engines. But mobile devices are quite limited on this side of the gaming platform. There is a ready-made mobile game engine (Thumbnails) that perfectly suits most needs. But it is not suitable for game development, because there's not much room for optimization, and the resulting games are not fit for all types of devices. In order to create smaller but still highly optimized games, use the existing tools for creating assets.The most popular mobile game engines are Unity, Google Play and App Engine. All of them have their own strengths and disadvantages, and they are actively studied for their advantages and disadvantages. But in general, they are good and will be sufficient for most purposes. Both Google and Unity allow you to create single-file apps. And it is possible that they will soon be merged into one big system. All these tools allow you to quickly analyze and create single-file apps.But the problem is that mobile development is a labor of love for several people. Each of them is doing their best. But the fact that there is a gap of about 2 years between the release of Unity and Aether, and the absence of any sign that will allow us to think that everything will be fine here, seems to indicate that the developers are moving away from the desktop into the console arena.Or maybe they are just going to Microsoft. After all, Halo was released on Xbox, and so on and so forth. Unacceptable. But at least you can play around with other people's games. Of course, the most optimal use of their resources is to create a single-file game, but in general, it is not needed. All you need is a single project, dedicated to the desktop. And then you can compare the desktop with the console.What about you guys? I think I've talked about everything you need to know about working as a full-fledged dev at one time :)__________________________________________________________________________________________You can find all the latest updates to this and other articles on my blogCome and see us so that you don't miss something interesting